Food for stream worthy TV


Dedicated to the "opening my fridge for the fifth time even though I haven't put in anything" villagers.

You're not alone.

Welcome to Chow Village travellers. We're here to help. We started this company to provide tasty Afro-fusion food that would complement your lifestyle.

So you've sorted out your BT sports, Netflix and giant arse TV. We'll handle the rest.
We all know you have other things you want to do, like get down to the next episode of Game of thrones (let's pretend that last season never happened). We know you need to focus on Xhaka making another sideway pass. Now, you would normally reach for that bag of crisps but these empty calories are not only clogging you up, they don't pack quite a punch.
There isn't a feeling that'll match having some chow worthy food in your freezer that you could reheat in 10 minutes or less. Nothing can step to that. Our secret menu has you covered for every day meals.
We're going to arm you with all the mains you need so you have more time to go out and kick some arse.
We've laboured over this menu so when you're chewing on our next level goodness, you're better placed to appreciate why Wandavision was a success.

The first rule of Chow Village is: You're in control

We believe you don't have to be in a cinema or a stadium to get the full play experience.
Mouth smacking meats and sides that'll make even an Arsenal fan ecstatic. We slow cook or grill our meats and toss them in our secret chow sauce.
We use only fresh vegetables and herbs in our sauces. No preservatives.
*whisper* Also, we've got a secret menu if you're looking for some heart warming stews and soups inspired by Nigerian cuisine.


All our packaging is recyclable, from our chow pouches, to our delivery boxes.  




We've been creating dishes for friends and families for a while now.  Our  meats have graced many a living rooms during sporting events and tv show binges.
We enjoyed it so much we decided to make it official.
If you love delicious chow while bingeing a good tv show like Kome or watching your favourite team play like Omua, welcome home. Even if you don't we might have something for you.


We love us some good food. Nothing better than kicking back to watch your favourite show or team while munching on some SLOW COOKED, melt off the bone meats.


We resource every ingredient carefully to ensure our food is a symphony of tastes in your mouth. No preservatives here.


Every meat needs a companion. We call them small chops and they are really an art. From meat pies to pepper soup, we aim to create such an experience that every bite is a party (Owambe) in your mouth.


 We've trialed various flavours that provide a little taste of Africa.
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