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Five Nigerian Dishes You Have To Try

That are not Jollof Rice...

Yes, Jollof rice is amazing. There’s a reason why it’s Nigeria’s signature dish. A bowl of oven-baked, golden rice flavoured with tomatoes, onion, garlic, colourful bell peppers, curry powder and spices is a dish that’s hard not to love.

Still, Nigerian food is not a one-trick pony, but a sophisticated cuisine with lots of delicious meals for all preferences and occasions. Nigerians love food, and as authentic foodies, they have created a myriad of vibrant dishes that make the country’s cuisine a real feast! Here are five Nigerian dishes you have to try that are not Jollof Rice.

1. Efo Riro

Think of the meatiest and most intensely flavourful soup you’ve tried. That’s Efo Riro, a specialty from the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria. Here, braised beef might be the star of the show, but the other ingredients really bring Efo Riro to life.

Leafy greens, ground crayfish, various seeds, tomatoes, onions and lots of crunchy peppers add colour, flavour and texture to the delightful dish. Everything cooked low and slow with palm oil results in a Nigerian dish of world-class appeal!

2. Abacha (African salad)

If you think you know salads, think again. Abacha, a masterpiece from Eastern Nigeria, is a salad like no other; it’s as filling and satisfying as any main course! The secret is in the nutty and starchy cassava roots.

Finely grated, the cassava is tossed with ground crayfish, Ehuru (Calabash Nutmeg), onions, palm oil and spinach to get this colourful salad that just brings a smile to everyone’s face. You’ll never see salads in the same way again!

3. Peppered Beer Meat

Known as peppered beer meat, this hearty and spicy meat stew doesn’t contain beer at all, but it’s Nigeria’s favorite dish to pair with a cold lager!

Enjoy this delicacy prepared with thin and tender beef skin, kpomo, and flavourful seasoned tripe, or the traditional peppered snails. Slow-cooked to perfection, this dish will challenge what you thought about what a good beer snack should be!

4. Dodo

No, this isn’t the clumpy and now-extinct dodo bird, but crispy and beautifully golden fried plantains. Much more than a side dish, this tasty treat makes good use of Nigeria’s famous plantains that ripen superbly in Nigeria’s tropical warmth.

Fried in cooking oil. The starchy fruit becomes a snack, a starter, a side plate and sometimes the star of the night! Dodo is just noble like that. No table is complete without a hefty bowl of dodo!

5. Pepper Soup

Amongst the most celebratory dishes in the Nigerian repertoire, you’ll find the acclaimed pepper soup. Why? Because soup as good as this one brings people together! The hearty, rich, and concentrated broth is incredibly versatile.

Pepper soup’s spicy and peppery seasoning livens a broth made with either goat meat cutlets, fish or beef chunks, so you can expect a coating, satisfying spoonful after another. This soup is so good it’s a must at every party and celebration in Nigeria; it’s just a crowd-pleasing soup with all the spirit of Nigeria.

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