We might be biased but we think Egusi is on top five most popular dishes in Nigeria. Eaten with Pounded yam, Starch, Fufu or Eba, it's a wholesome dish with so much history in every bite.

We put some bitterleaf in our Egusi to complement the hearty flavour.


PriceFrom £10.99
  • Our food comes in a pack that you can freeze or microwave.

    To reheat, pop in the microwave for 5minutes or until food is piping hot all through.

  • Palm Oil, Melon Seeds, Crayfish(CRUSTACEANS), Beef, Fish(FISH), Bitter leaf, Ugu, Salt, Stock Seasoning(CELERY, MILK, EGG), Tomatoes, Onions.

    ALLERGEN ADVICE: For allergens, please see ingredients in bold. May contain SOYBEANS.